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Necessary Estate Planning

Feel confident about your estate when you turn to the estate planning attorney from Jerrel E Towery, P.A. in Venice, Florida. Experienced in all phases of the planning process, we'll help you protect your assets and legacy, and plan for your family's future.

Plan for Life & Death

Estate planning allows you to plan for your future, both in life and in death. With wills and trusts, you determine who receives your assets upon death. These crucial documents also permit you to choose the person to administer your estate. Without these documents, state law determines who receives your assets upon death and who administers your estate.

Trust for Your Assets

Simply put, trusts allow you to create a separate legal entity to control and protect your assets. With a trust, you can avoid or cut down on the cost of probate, reduce or eliminate estate taxes, and provide for management of assets for your beneficiaries who are unable to do so for themselves.

Scales of Justice - Estate Planning

Medical Affairs

Selecting a person or persons to assist you with your medical and financial affairs is crucial, especially when you may be unable to do the work yourself. Powers of attorney, living wills, designations of health care surrogates, and declarations naming preneed guardians give you the ability to select trusted individuals to handle your most important information.

Prenuptial agreements help you in the protection of assets upon death and dissolution of marriage. Whatever documentation you need, trust the professionals at Jerrel E Towery, P.A. to assist you in all of your estate planning needs.

Probate Law

Probate is the legal process an estate goes through to ensure the proper distribution of an estate according to Florida law. If there is no will or trust associated with the estate, the estate will go through a distribution process in accordance with the laws of Florida.

Don't go through the confusing and time-consuming process alone. Instead, allow our probate law attorneys to assist you in the entire probate process and guarantee a much faster completion time of probate.

Contact our estate planning and probate law attorneys to ensure your estate is administered the way you desire.

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